2015-10-06 New MembersWe were pleased to welcome two new choristers to rehearsal on Tuesday night, Noel Green and his son-in-law Dave Cole.

Dave, originally from Norfolk, is looking forward to getting his tongue around the Welsh words, whilst Noel is rekindling his love of choral singing, having been a member of the Morlais back in the 70’s before moving away with his work.

Noel, with his wife Pat,  and David, married to their daughter Kelly,  are all now living in Pyle.  Its a fair way to travel for rehearsals, but not as far as Norfolk!

Noel and Dave, along with their wives and a some friends, visited us on one of our rehearsal nights back in August, and Dave hinted that he was thinking of joining up.  Looks like he wasn’t kidding!

Welcome Dave, and Welcome Back Noel!