As many of you already know, our conductor John “Maestro” Asquith has recently undergone chest surgery and is off conducting duty for a few more weeks yet.

Don’t panic – John is fine – just not allowed to wave his arms about in his usual vigorous ‘windmill’ fashion until he’s had time to fully recover.

Roz has taken over conducting duties in his absence, and in rehearsals Roz performs both accompanist and conductor roles.  However, for a concert, this isn’t ideal and wouldn’t be fair to  expect Roz to both play the piano and conduct the choir.

Choir Darya Brill-Williams 004

Darya Brill-Williams, the conductor or Dowlais Male Choir has generously agreed to fill in as accompanist for our next concert, our Remembrance Concert “Lest We Forget.

She came to rehearsal on Friday this week to familiarise herself with the items we’re going to be performing and have a bit of a run through.

We are very grateful to Darya for helping us out and are looking forward to another successful concert at The Morlais Hall on Friday 13th November.

Click here for details of our Remembrance Concert “Lest We Forget, or check our Diary page.