Congratulations to our two newest choristers, Noel Green and his son-in-law David Cole.
Noel has previously been a member of the Morlais but left when he moved away.  He has now rejoined us and brought us a new recruit as well!  Noel joins our baritone section, and Dave the bass section.
2016-01-05 Noel & Dave end probabtion
Here they are (Noel second from the left, Dave third from the left) being officially dwarfed welcomed into Côr Meibion Morlais as full members by the Chairman of the choir Nigel Morgan (left), and our Conductor John Asquith (right).

Now they can get fitted for their Official Morlais uniform, referred to affectionately as ‘The Blazer and Greys‘, and also – hard lines boys – you now have to start paying con’s.

Now their probation is over they are allowed to sing with us in concerts and we look forward to welcoming them on-stage in our first performance of 2016, the “Love is All Around” valentines concert at the Morlais Hall on Friday 12th February.

Congratulations gents.  You are both very welcome additions to the bottom half of the choir, and we wish you both a long and happy association with Côr Meibion Morlais.