Who We Are

Côr Meibion Morlais

In Welsh, the Celtic language of Wales, Côr Meibion Morlais means “Morlais Male Choir”.

The 35 or so members of the choir are drawn from all ages and occupations: our youngest choristers are under 25 years old, our oldest over 70, and we have plumbers and electricians, company directors and managers, office workers, students, and IT Specialists, all united by a love of singing.

We sing all kinds of music, from opera choruses and religious works to folk songs and jazz to pop songs and Musical Theatre, with most of our concerts including a vibrant selection from all these genres.

Naturally, our singing shows a strong Welsh bias, but all our concerts are tailored to suit individual audiences and venues. We have presented our concerts through the medium of Welsh and English, and also Irish, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, Czech and Greek. The choir enjoys its international contacts to the full, and also relishes the many opportunities for singing to audiences at home in Wales.

Above all, we always welcome visitors and new members. Our rehearsals are held every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year (except Christmas and New Year) in the Morlais Hall, North Road, Ferndale, from 7.30pm until 9pm, so why not come and share our World of Song?