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  1. Hello friends of the Côr Meibion Morlais,

    It was a pleasure to sing with you and listen to you on friday november 3th! I wish you  all the best.

    Greetings, Gertjan Ekkelenkamp (first tenor, Urker Zangers Male Choir)

  2. We saw you sing at the inn in Tetbury on Saturday 17/12/16 and it made our day. Our young son was introduced to the language and culture of his ancestors which made the beginning of the festive season so special for us and our friends. Thanks for the pleasure you gave so freely. Where can we buy a recording of your voices please? The Winters, Somerset.

    • Hello, and thank you for your kind comments. We really enjoyed our visit to the Snooty Fox in Tetbury. We had been performing at a wedding earlier in St Mary’s Church in Tetbury, and since we’d come all that way it seemed a shame to leave immediately after the wedding. We’d heard about the Snooty Fox from a work colleague of one of our Choristers, so we managed to organise a couple of hours post-performance socialising before we had to head back home to South Wales. (Apparently we managed to consume all of the pub’s Christmas reserve of ‘Tribute’ ale in the 2hrs we were there!)

      We do have a couple of CD’s. I’ll check with the Choir Secretary how much they cost, and how we can take payment and post you one.

  3. Hi nige’ it’s dave fom the phoenix tavern in faversham my email is [email address removed by Nige to try to protect you from spam]. it will be great to come down and see you guys…

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