Book The Morlais Hall

The Morlais Hall is available to hire.

  • Full range of electronic, sound and lighting equipment including I.T. console and high quality electric piano/organ
  • Multi-purpose space. Suitable for concerts, meetings, presentations, tutorials, courses, exhibitions
  • The Hall has been blessed for Funerals and can provide a fitting and appropriate setting for this purpose
  • Attractive rates


Typical configuration for a concert:
Downstairs: two blocks of 36 seats = 72
Upstairs: retractable seating for 32

*** LEARN TO SING… ***

Singing together is an effective and also enjoyable way of developing a team ethic.

Have Visitors?
Who would enjoy learning about Wales and how to sing the National Anthem?

Taking a Sporting or Cultural Group abroad?
Need to learn the National Anthem of another country?

We can coach you at the Morlais Hall!

For all Enquiries contact the Choir Secretary, Allyn Carter via email to, or use the contact form below to get in touch with us.