J Elfed Evans 1996Born in 1928, the same year that Côr Meibion Morlais was formed, it was inevitable that he would follow his father’s footsteps into the baritone section of the choir – this he did in 1950 after completing his National Service as a sergeant in the Educational Corps. With a wonderfully rich baritone voice he soon became the principal soloist for the choir, a role he held and enjoyed for many years, as well as appearing regularly on the radio programme “Gwlad y gân” (“Land of Song”).

A teacher by profession – known locally as Evans English! – Elfed was appointed Secretary of the Choir in 1956 and held the position for six years. In 1977 he took on the entire task of researching and writing a history of the choir in celebration of its Golden Jubilee the following year, calling his book “The First Fifty Years”. The book is still a source of great pride to Morlais Choristers, the more so as it vividly illustrates the enthusiastic and resourceful spirit of the choir, a spirit which is still very much alive today.

Elfed’s untimely death in 1998 left a void within the choir which took many years to heal, but fortunately we have recordings of his wonderful voice, and two of his songs “Cartref” and “Sunrise, Sunset”, can be heard on this tribute.

A fitting reminder of one of Côr Morlais’ outstanding choristers.