Ladies, do you need a break?

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  • Is your husband or boyfriend always under your feet?

  • Do you want to watch something besides sport on the TV?

  • Are you fed up with the constant smell of sweaty socks and stale beer in your living room?

  • Do you long for some time to yourself?

  • Do you wish he’d get a healthy and inexpensive hobby to broaden his mind?



Send your feller to us!

We can look after him for a couple of hours on Tuesday and Friday evenings in a friendly and nurturing environment, leaving you to enjoy some peace and quiet me-time.  We’ll even teach him to sing!

Just think of the Pride and Joy you’ll feel when you see your man standing on stage in one of our concerts, decked out in his smart Blazer, Grey Trousers and Morlais Tie, while the audience are cheering and applauding.
All you need to do is get him to JOIN THE CHOIR – CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS