Enid's BirthdayThis weekend Côr Meibion Morlais had the pleasure of singing at an 80th Birthday Party for Enid in the Glynrhedyn sports bar.

As John “The Maestro” Asquith is still not allowed to exert himself after his recent surgery – he’s fine, just not allowed to do any strenuous activity yet, such as conducting the choir  –  Roz was both accompanist and conductor for this engagement.

When we actually arrived, Roz found that she knew quite a few of Enid’s family without realising it.

Our portable piano was duly delivered and set up, only to find that the lighting conditions in the Glynrhedyn sports bar were too dim for Roz to read her music.  Fortunately, we always carry a small desk lamp for just such occasions.  Unfortunately, we put it on the piano to illuminate Roz’s music and it fell off due to the vibrations caused by Roz’s vigorous playing at the end of our first song!  No harm done, the lamp itself survived the crash to the floor and it was repositioned on a stool next to the piano for the rest of our performance.

We sang a rousing selection from our usual repertoire, including Down In The Valley, the ever popular The Rose, and Calon Lân, and by special request from Enid, we also sang the much adored traditional Welsh love song, Myfanwy.  As there were guests and family members from around the UK, including Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland, our Isles Of Britain Medley, arranged especially for us by John and Roz, which includes verses from Jerusalem, Irelands Call, Flow’r O’ Scotland, and Cwm Rhondda went down particularly well, with one guest commenting to me afterwards that he particularly liked our “Rugby World Cup selection“.

We rounded our short performance off by singing Happy Birthday to a delighted Enid.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Enid for inviting us to sing at her 80th Birthday Celebration, and we wish her all our very best for many more to come.