Joining the Choir

The Choir rehearses from 7:30pm to 9pm every Tuesday and Friday at the Morlais Hall which is situated at the bottom end of North Road Ferndale, next to the zebra crossing opposite the Ferndale Infants School – postcode CF43 4PS for SatNav’s. Directions from all routes are available in the “Find Us” tab (at the top of the page).

There is always a warm welcome for visitors and potential new members. Contact the Choir Secretary Byron Young on (01443) 685095 or by email to to make sure we will be at home when you call in to see us.

If you want to join and form part of the splendid sound of a Welsh Choir, please do not for one moment doubt that your voice is up to the task. Nearly everyone can sing – they just need to be shown how to produce the correct sound and blend with their colleagues, and ALL SINGING TUITION is given in a natural and unforced manner as part of the regular process of rehearsing as a group.

You do not have to be able to read music – in fact the majority of our choristers don’t! Choristers learn the correct notes by listening to the accompanist and the conductor demonstrate what is required. In a very short space of time, voices are trained and developed, and contribute effectively to producing a splendid sound.

The Choir has an excellent musical reputation and a hectic, though optional social life. Above all, the thrill of concert success, the satisfaction of audience applause and the camaraderie of post-concert singing and socialising all combine to make joining a Choir one of the most fulfilling of recreations.

WE ARE CONSTANTLY LOOKING TO RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS. “Now” is always the perfect time to join.